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Utah County Outdoor Location Ideas

Finding the right location for your photo session can be a little overwhelming, but we are here to make it a little easier for you! Here are some tried and true locations in the outdoors of Utah County!

1. Paul Reams Wilderness Park, Provo: Includes a cute foot bridge, woodsy area, open field, pond (with ducks!), red siding on pavilions

Best time of year: Mid Spring-Fall

2. Riverwoods, Provo: Includes a foot bridge, paved walkway, evergreen trees, urban look near shops, rock walls

Best time of year: Spring-Fall

3. American Fork Amphitheater, American Fork: Large stone amphitheater, beautiful overlooks, large open field, flowers in spring, across the street from Mount Timpanogos temple

Best time of year: Year Round, must check availability on website before use

4. Utah State Hospital Orchards, Provo: Beautiful orchards, blossoms in late Spring, fee includes castle Amphitheater on same property

Best time of year: Late Spring-Fall, $20 extra location fee, must schedule ahead of time

5. Dry Creek Park, Lehi: Beautiful park with open fields, climbing trees, fallen logs, some golden weeds

Best time of year: Spring-Fall, but there are some really interesting shapes of trees that make it a cool location to try out in the winter if it is not too cold!

6. South BYU Campus Walkway/Botany Pond, Provo: Small stream wraps around the south end of campus, small waterfalls, stone walls, benches, brick walkway

Best time of year: Spring-Fall

7. Joseph F. Smith Building Courtyard, BYU Campus, Provo: Beautiful arches, large fountain, landscaping, stone courtyard, small walkway

Best time of year: Spring-Fall, works in the winter as well because of the beautiful stonework!

8. Jolley's Ranch up Hobble Creek Canyon, Springville: Mountain views, open field, white fence, white barn, wooded area

Best time of year: Spring-Fall, especially bright colors during 2 weeks in the fall!

9. Center Street, Provo: Urban look, brick buildings, wall murals, streets, lots of variety, close to Provo City Center Temple

Best time of year: Year Round

10. Bicentennial Park, Provo: Open field, evergreen trees, bridge, pond, boardwalk

Best time of year: Spring-Fall, works in the winter as well because it looks beautiful in the snow!

11. Art Dye Park, American Fork: Open field next to beautiful trees, wooded area, fallen logs, climbing trees

Best time of year: Spring-Fall

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