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Couple Session for Alora and Chase: Open Field in Mapleton Utah

I don't really need to say the obvious, but I will anyway. 2020 was quite. the. year! Am I right? Some might even argue that the whole world got turned upside down, to say the least.

Well, little did all of us know, but right as the pandemic hit, there was a love story just beginning! Alora and Chase met through mutual friends and started formally dating right after the pandemic hit! I love thinking about that. So much of the world was struggling and I am sure they were, too….but they were also growing and learning about each other. There was good happening, even if we didn’t always see it!

It was so fun for me to help this couple celebrate being together for an entire year, especially when I think about the year they made it happen through! It gave me reason to pause and think about the growing and positive changes that happened in my own life during the pandemic. Watching them laugh, smile, and play together during this session gave me hope….hope that there will always be some happiness in the world, even when it doesn’t always feel like it in the moment.

Congratulations, Alora and Chase! Thanks for letting me capture this exciting time for you!



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