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Porter Family Photo session: Provo City Center Temple in Provo, UT

Doesn't springtime just warm your soul? As the sun begins to come out more, the flowers start to appear, and the world suddenly becomes more colorful, I find my heart can hardly handle it. This spring feels especially bright and cheerful after the incredibly difficult year the world has recently been through! So, it was so heartwarming for me that this family session brought on all the springtime feels! We met at the Provo City Center Temple in Provo, UT. If you have not had the chance to visit the grounds of one of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint temples, do yourself a favor and make a trip. They take meticulous care of the grounds and the flowers did NOT disappoint.

As beautiful as the springtime is, it does not even compare to the beauty of this family! And I am not just talking about their darling choice in outfits and perfectly done hair! They are truly wonderful people on the inside as well. I especially loved watching the three sisters interact with each other. I could tell that they are the best of friends, which made me ponder my own loving relationship with my sisters. They willingly held hands (sometimes unprompted!), fixed each other's necklaces, and enjoyed racing each other as we moved from spot to spot. Probably my favorite thing of the entire session was how each of them wanted to share something special with me! They were all just so cute!

Porter Family, thank you for allowing me to capture your darling life AGAIN! There is no bigger compliment to me then when a client becomes a repeat client! Your family is truly beautiful, both inside and out!

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